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The Kiln Elements Company

Thank you for visiting our website!

I have been making elements for over 34 years. The Kiln Elements Company has been in operation since 2000. I have a lengthy art background and look forward to bringing my artists eye to each element that I make.

We are using an APM wire that is engineered to last significantly longer in applications with high temperatures, and longer hold times. In lower fire applications the increase in element longevity will not be as significant. APM wire will not have the coil movement, such as leaning and sagging, that typical A-1 type wire can have.
We do not use the work rings that the larger companies use. Work rings can leave ridges, scoring, and shaving on the elements, which can effect element life.

The Kiln Element Company will not design elements.
If we do not have the specs on your element, please tell us the ohms, gauge, and diameter specs of your element.
We can make any element from 13, 14, 15, or 16 gauge wire.

To place an order, please contact me by phone or email.
We accept Paypal or a check before shipping.

Stan Horton Kiln Elements